I was informed that my receipt could not be validated, what do I do?

There are a few reasons for why your receipt could not be validated. They are as follows:

  • Wrong receipt date—the receipt you submitted is not valid as the offer was not listed on the Save.ca app at the time of purchase.
  • Item not found on receipt—we do not see the item you’ve purchase on the receipt submitted.
  • Image not a receipt—you have taken a picture of something that is not a receipt.
  • Wrong SKU—you submitted a receipt for an offer not exactly as advertised on the app. Make sure to carefully consider the product you’re purchasing, ie; make sure the product weight, flavors, etc are identical.

If applicable, you can resubmit a picture of your receipt. Note that you can only submit a receipt for the duration of time in which the coupon is available on the app or until it has been sold out.

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