Print at Home Flow

1. Navigate to coupons.

2. Clip the coupons which you would like to be printed.

3. Once you have selected all the coupons you want to be printed click the 'Get Coupons' button.

4. Login if you have not already done so.

5. Review your coupons and click 'Proceed to Print'.

6. A popup will prompt you to open or save the coupons. Please click 'open' and then click 'OK'.

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader will now open with a prompt asking if you are ready to print. Please ensure there is toner and paper in your printer. Proceed to click 'Yes' once you have verified your printer is ready.

Note: This feature automatically prints to your default printer.


8. Another prompt will appear, asking you to allow your coupons to print. Please click 'Yes'.

9. The file will close in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

10. Your coupons should now be printing! Click on the popular flyers to continue saving.

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